Substance Use & COVID-19

Problematic Substance Use

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives is significant.  Many of us feel off-balance, stressed and occasionally depressed.   Drugs and alcohol are often used to change how we feel and think - a readily available, short term tool to manage emotions.  But over the long term, this approach to dealing with stress and pain can lead to problematic use and eventually addiction.   And with problematic substance use often comes negative impacts to relationships (family, friends, workplace), physical health and mental well-being.

Below is a video developed by the BC Municipal Safety Association in conjunction with Diana Vissers from Work-to-Wellness (and a Boreal Wellness Centres occupational consultant), as part of a series of free educational webinars.  In the video, Diana and Mike Mathers, a Boreal Wellness Centres therapist, explore why people use substances to the point of harm, the warning signs of when substance use is becoming problematic, and options to reduce or eliminate .  


Video credit: BC Municipal Safety Association in conjunction with Work To Wellness